Medical Tests For Different Proposes

                                                Medical Tests for different purposes
Generally we do have thinking or attitude that until we wont get ill severely, we are not willing to do routinly check up. But, its necessary in this era. This era is the era of being as much busy. So, this busy schedule has changed the way we live. Stressful lifestyle is another cause for various mental as well as psychosomatic ailments. Whatever be the thing, there is nothing important for us than our health thats why my blog's title is "HEALTH IS WEALTH". Therefore, in this post i have researched and post some basic routine checkup for particular individual. They are mentioned below:

For General Health Check up--->
--Fasting and PP blood sugar (Diabetes)
--Urea, Cretinine, Na,K (for kidney) Calcium, Po4 and uric acid (bone/joints)
--Lipid profile (for heart/blood pressure) SGOT, SGPT (for Liver)
CBC (TC, DC, HB, RBC, PCV, PLT) Urine Re.

For Vegetarians--->
--Vitamin B12 test

For overweight and clinical obese patients--->
--TFT (Thyroid Function Test), ATPO, Cortisol

For man over 40 years of age--->
--Total PSA

For pale and anemic--->
--CBC with MCV, MCH, MCHC, Retic Count, Bilirubin, Serum, TIBC, Feritin, B12

For Diabetes--->
--HbAc, C-peptide, Fastin and PP blood glucose, Urea, Creatinine, Lipid Profile, Urine Routine, acetone, microalbumin.

For Jaundice-->
--Liver Funtion Test (SCOT,SGPT, ALP, Protein, Albumin, Bilirubin)

For Kidney Problems--->
--Urea, Creatine, Na, K, Ca, Po4, FBS, PPS, Hb, Iron, TIBC, Ferit Urine Routine, microalbumin and spot protein/creatinine ratio.

Cancer Marker--->
--PSA for prostrate, AFP for Liver, CEA for intestine, Ca 125 for Ovary.
** Do these basic medical tests so, we can be prevented from any illness before it attacks us as there is one very popular quote "PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE".

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